Food groups

You will go to food-groups

You will add 4 foods or more to each group by adding pictures of the food.


What are the chances?

You will go to and pick  a probability game to play.

Here you go!

Good morning!

Today your writing jobs is to use Explain Everything and to

  1. write 10 words that have m
  2. write your wild words 3 times
  3. what do you see in this picture
  4. Prodigy it up once you have shown your work to Mrs. Freeman!

Spin away!

You can do this on your own or with a friend!

  1. You are going to click on
  2. You will choose 2 animals to put on your spinner. Look at the smartboard for animal ideas!
  3.  You need to write on a sticky note how many times you think you will land on one of the animals if you spin it 10 times.
  4.  Spin 10 times.
  5. Was your guess right
  6. Make a new spinner with 4 animals.  Pick one animal and guess how many times you think that you will land on that animal. Write your guess on the sticky note.


Today you will;

  1. write 8 words that rhyme with tuck.

2.  write your wild words 3 times.

3.  What do you see in this picture?

4.  Once you have shown Mrs Freeman your work, you can Prodigy it up!

Next jobs

Your jobs this morning are:

1. Multiply page

2. write 8 words that have ing like sing

3. Put your wild words into sentences. Your wild words will be on the smart board.

4. Prodigy it up or


Morning wake-up

Good morning!

To wake up, we are going to do ABC order ing-ABC . You will put these words in alphabetical order. Take a screen shot and then submit it to me.

When announcements start, please put your iPad down.

When you are done, try out



Get going!!

Here is your to do list:

1. Start with amounts2.

2. Then try larger-amounts2

3. Now you are going to do your writing. may-4

When you are done, you can Prodigy it up!

Wacky Wednesday writing

Your writing jobs for today are to:

  1. think of 5 words that have a and show a picture for each word.
  2. write your wild words 3 times.
  3. What do you see in this picture? Write 3 or more sentences about what you see. Image result for log house in forest

Can you do it?

I have made your money a little more challenging.

Start with amounts1.

Then try this larger-amounts1.

Have fun!

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